The results of wolf hunting 2019


The results of wolf hunting 2019

In our hunting areas it is possible to hunt on wolves almost all year round, while in many European countries the shoot of even one wolf can be fined. Although the wolf population is increasing, this hunt is still forbidden.


It is not surprising that the wolf hunt in Russia has become very popular for foreigh guests last time. The hunters are attracted not only by strong trophies but also by the hunting process itself - under hard winter conditions.


8 hunters from Germany and Luxembourg visited our hunting areas in February and March 2019 to get wolf trophies and to experience the methods of this hunt. That`s why our guests took part in all the steps of traditional group hunt called "fladry".



Wolf is one of the most intelligent species and very difficult to outsmart. But thanks to professional work of our hunting guides and hunting luck every hunter achieved the goal of his trip to snowy Russia. The total result of 3 hunting weeks - 8 wolves.

More about adventures of our clients and their unforgettable experience in our new film Wolf hunting - "Fladry"

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