Wild boar «stalking»

Wild boar stalking is an individual wild boar hunt in the evening and at night on the feeding fields by the moon (cca. from 19-00 to 24-00).

Every hunter is accompanied by one professional hunting guide. Until darkness you will hunt sat on the hunting-tower, and when it is dark enaugh you will stalked by your hunting guide to the feeding boars. A hunter shouldn't be physically strong and sturdy. Transportation in the shoot is done by car. Going on foot is no more than 2 km. Gunshot is to 200 m from a sit, to 80 m by stalking.

Hunting gun - rifle only (Caliber not less than 7,62 х 51) with optical sight (magnification - no more than 4). Hunting ammunition - expansive only. Preliminary zeroing on at the hunting place is compulsory!

Equipment - clothes and boots depending on month. In the winter you shoud have a white masking clothes, noctovisor, torch, knife, batteries, tool kit for the gun cleaning.

You can combine wild boar stalking with:

  • - hunt on elck during the rut in September;
  • - wild boar and elk battue in November-December.
Hunting period: from 01 June to 28 February vinclusive.
Hunting group: 2—3 hunters.
Hunting duration: not less than 3 days.

Cost of the hunting tour::

Document price, EUR
Invitation 70
Import and export of arms 100
Permition for the trophy export (veterinarian certificate) 35
CITES-permition (brown bear, lynx, wolf) 150


Number of hunters car (Kazan-Izhevsk-Kazan) price, EUR
1 hunter 150

Hunt service:

Service Price, EUR
hunting service for 1 hunter* 170 / day

* Service includes:

  • - full board
  • -hunting guide
  • - transport in the shoot
  • - interpreter for a group


Trophy price, EUR
wild sow (elder than 1,5 year) 500
wild boar till 14 сm 390
14,1-16,0 cm 460
16,1-18,0 cm 580
18,1-20,0 cm 750
longer than 20 cm 900 EUR + 12 EUR/mm
young pig 120
refund in case of failure 300

*The length of tusks is defined by the outer part of a tusk of the lower jaw (in case the length of tusks is deferent the calculation is done considering the average length of tusks).

*advanse preparation of the trophy inclusive

Additional shooting:

Species Price for 1 head, EUR
Fox 50
Hare 30
Badger 40
Wood grouse 300
Black grouse 150
Hazel grouse 70
Duck 20
Pheasant 35
Wild boar - night stalking
Wild boar - night stalking
Wild boar hunting from the high seat 2020
Wild boar hunting from the high seat 2020
Wild boar hunting from the high seat 2021
Wild boar hunting from the high seat 2021
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