Wild boar «stalking»

Wild boar stalking is an individual wild boar hunt in the evening and at night on the feeding fields by the moon (cca. from 19-00 to 24-00).

Every hunter is accompanied by one professional hunting guide. Until darkness you will hunt sat on the hunting-tower, and when it is dark enaugh you will stalked by your hunting guide to the feeding boars. A hunter shouldn't be physically strong and sturdy. Transportation in the shoot is done by car. Going on foot is no more than 2 km. Gunshot is to 200 m from a sit, to 80 m by stalking.

Hunting gun - rifle only (Caliber not less than 7,62 х 51) with optical sight (magnification - no more than 4). Hunting ammunition - expansive only. Preliminary zeroing on at the hunting place is compulsory!

Equipment - clothes and boots depending on month. In the winter you shoud have a white masking clothes, noctovisor, torch, knife, batteries, tool kit for the gun cleaning.

You can combine wild boar stalking with:

  • - hunt on elck during the rut in September;
  • - wild boar and elk battue in November-December.
Hunting period: from 01 June to 28 February vinclusive.
Hunting group: 2—3 hunters.
Hunting duration: not less than 3 days.

Cost of the hunting tour::

Document price, EUR
Invitation 70
Import and export of arms 100
Permition for the trophy export (veterinarian certificate) 35
CITES-permition (brown bear, lynx, wolf) 150


Number of hunters car (Kazan-Izhevsk-Kazan) price, EUR
1 hunter 150

Hunt service:

Service Price, EUR
hunting service for 1 hunter* 170 / day

* Service includes:

  • - full board
  • -hunting guide
  • - transport in the shoot
  • - interpreter for a group


Trophy price, EUR
wild sow (elder than 1,5 year) 500
wild boar till 14 сm 390
14,1-16,0 cm 460
16,1-18,0 cm 580
18,1-20,0 cm 750
longer than 20 cm 900 EUR + 12 EUR/mm
young pig 120
refund in case of failure 300

*The length of tusks is defined by the outer part of a tusk of the lower jaw (in case the length of tusks is deferent the calculation is done considering the average length of tusks).

*advanse preparation of the trophy inclusive

Additional shooting:

Species Price for 1 head, EUR
Fox 50
Hare 30
Badger 40
Wood grouse 300
Black grouse 150
Hazel grouse 70
Duck 20
Pheasant 35
Wild boar - night stalking
Wild boar - night stalking
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