Elk, bear and wild boar hunt 2019


Elk, bear and wild boar hunt 2019

September ended and the rut period of elks came to the end too. It`s high time to sum up what our guests got in this season.

30 foreign hunters from Germany and Austria visited our welcoming hunting areas. Their goals were elk, brown bear, wild boar and wood and black grouses as well.

Hunt is hunt, not a programme of requests. Every experienced hunter knows, how much depends on luck. But our guides did their best and the hunt goddes Diana was gracious to our clients, so we had a really super result - more than 90% success!

The season started with successful hunt for Reiner Michael - he got 2 elks with the horns weihgt of appr. 8 Kg.


The Summer 2019 was very cold and rainy, so many fields hadn`t been cleared, as the season started. It influenced of course the hunt on wild boar and brown bear. Nevertheless the first bear was got in Kirov Region at the very beginning of September.

The result of a hunt, strongly concentrated on getting enormous wild boar trophies, was: 2 male wild boars with the tusks of 20,4 and 24,6 cm and life weihgt of 160 and 214 Kg. Apart from it our standing client and dedicated wild boar hunter Dietrich got 2 little wild boars.


At the same time other hunters got 5 elks with the horn weihts from 4,5 Kg till 11,2 Kg, 2 male wild boars with tusks lenghth of 17 and 23 cm and even a brown bear of 160 Kg life weight - a hunter dream came true.





Some of our guests visited Russia for the second or even third time to let it finally happen - to get their beautiful elk trophy. And it worked out!

Congratulations to hunters and huntresses who came to success with our guides and gained their elk trophies from 4,5 kg to 11,6 kg and a 100 kg - brown bear.






The last group of our hunting guests were welcomed by the first snow. Such a naughty weather didn`t create perfect conditions for the hunt, of course. But the end of the season was 100% successful: 12 elk bulls for 10 hunters! The weights of the trophies were from 3,5 kg till 11kg.








We are happy with the total result of the season: 27 elks, 7 wild boars, 3 brown bears and 2 wood grouses and wish our foreign guests good luck on the hunt! See you in Russia again!

Watch our new film: Elk on the rut 2019

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